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Welcome to Valhalla Venture DAO

  • Our mission is to fund and launch the best up-and-coming THORfi and DeFi projects through liquidity grants and access to our customizable, multichain IDO launchpad.
  • XRUNE holders can become a member of our Valhalla Venture DAO by locking XRUNE for our governance token vXRUNE. Holding 100 or more vXRUNE allows DAO members to take part in Thorstarter IDOs and entitles them to rewards from successful Thorstarter IDOs.
  • Our native currency XRUNE acts as a liquidity relay between the THORChain network and long tail crypto assets (young projects with low liquidity). XRUNE is the settlement currency between new projects (IDOs) and THORChains’ active pools.


Learn more about the protocol in the chapters below

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

The Coming of Midgard

Chapter 3

The Age of Asgard

Chapter 4

Crossing the Vimur

Chapter 5

Towards Ragnarok

Coming Soon
Chapter 6

Power of Alliance

Coming Soon


RUNE/XRUNE. LPs earn fees in both RUNE and XRUNE, based on the volume of transactions occurring between these assets block by block.

XRUNE is an early access to projects which IDO on THORSTARTER. Approved projects are seeded with XRUNE liquidity by the THORSTARTER DAO, creating RUNE-ASSET pools on secondary market AMMs.

Third, XRUNE is paired with ASSETs on external AMMs, either as provisioned liquidity by the THORSTARTER DAO or simply by LPs looking to gain exposure to yield. External LPs earn fees based on the fee structure of the AMM where they provide liquidity.


Operational Treasury
Community Treasury
Ecosystem Fund
Protocol Emissions

Valhalla Venture Dao

  • Community First - Transition to on-chain governance structure
  • vXRUNE - Voting contracts with time based voting and protocol fee distribution.
  • Multichain - Starting with THORfi/DeFi and slowly growing
  • Democratic Voting - Protocol upgrades and new assets decided by the community.

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