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Welcome to Thorstarter

Thorstarter is a multichain Venture DAO and IDO platform that combines a unique launchpad model with liquidity grants to incubate, fund, and launch the most promising projects across DeFi.

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Thorstarter Explained in 4 Steps

Stake XRUNE in our Forge Contract to gain access to Thorstarter IDOs

Open the Thorstarter App on IDO day

Commit funds to the IDO of your choosing

Receive project tokens at the earliest possible price

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The THORChad army is 3000+ strong and growing daily. Joining is easy and requires lockup of XRUNE to our native pegged governance token vXRUNE. vXRUNE holders actively vote on proposals, governance and split proceeds of each launch.

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Upcoming Projects

VOID Protocol

Void will give users control over financial anonymity as an opt-in financial privacy service on Terra. By depositing fixed amounts in the contract, waiting, then withdrawing to a brand new wallet, funds will be untraceable back to the original wallet.

  • Date TBA

Maya Protocol is a fork of the battle tested and revolutionary THORChain, a CosmosSDK-powered replicated state machine that coordinates asset movement, including processing swaps, stakes and more without the need to peg assets. Here you can swap coins (from BTC to ETH, for example), instantly, cheaply and without having to trust a central authority. Additionally, it is open source, so it is community owned and protected by code you can audit.

  • Date May, 2022
Beaver Finance

Beaver Finance is a Single-Asset Intelligent Yield Enhancing platform that is the first in DeFi to integrate Liquidity Mining with the Option-based cutting-edge hedging solution for Impermanent Loss.

Beavers solution to Impermanent loss is addressed through their Asset Allocation Engine and Impermanent Loss Hedging Engine

  • Date TBA

Defi DOJO is bringing Yields and NFTs together into the Defi space. The yNFT model will allow users to interact in a simplified, straightforward way with crypto ecosystems. Defi DOJO's yNFT generator will allow users to combine NFT and DeFi assets to create a yield-bearing "yNFT hybrid."

  • Date TBA
Space Cartels

Space Cartels is a Play to earn P2E browser game in the metaverse, built on the 4 key blockchains.

Players will earn tokens for completing the quests of Cartel Boss, that can then be exchanged and sold. In most Play to Earn games, the value of initial investment may drop - Space Cartels aims to solve this through a stable value initial Investment item, the Generator, which grants access to your quests.

  • Date TBA

DefiSpot is a multichain decentralized exchange (DEX) that aims to make it possible for users to swap, lend and add/remove liquidity to cryptocurrencies without needing a centralized third-party or requiring users to provide Know-Your-Customer (KYC) details.

  • Date TBA

Previous IDOs


  • Offering 25,000,000 KOL
  • Raising 300,000 USDC


  • Offering 5,000,000 PROTEUS
  • Raising 300,000 UST

Brokkr Finance

  • Total Raised 2,847,255 UST


  • Offering 8,000,000 UTBETS
  • Raising 600,000 USDC
  • Sold % 42%


  • Offering 3,333,333 DETF
  • Raising 300,000 USDC
  • Sold % 100%


  • Offering 3,529,411 MINT
  • Raising 300,000 UST
  • Sold % 100%

Remnant Labs

  • Offering 363,636,363 REMN
  • Raising 200,000 USDC
  • Sold % 100%


  • Offering 800,000 RING
  • Raising 400,000 USDC
  • Sold % 100%


  • Offering 20,000,000 LUART
  • Raising 500,000 UST
  • Sold % 100%

Mine Network

  • Offering 15,000,000 MNET
  • Raising 35.71 ETH
  • Claimed % 100%


  • Offering 20,000,000 TGT
  • Raising 909,091 XRUNE
  • Committed % 100%
  • Committed $ $ 500,00
  • Committed XRUNE 909,091


  • Offering 10,000,000 THOR
  • Raising 1,500,000 XRUNE
  • Committed % 198%
  • Committed $ $ 1,489,220.89
  • Committed XRUNE 2,978,442


  • Offering 5,000,000 BNPL
  • Raising 1,000,000 XRUNE
  • Committed % 806%
  • Committed $ $ 1,613,930.64
  • Committed XRUNE 8,069,653

A council of the best and brightest

Projects which partner with Thorstarter are carefully selected by a team of industry leaders from across THORChain and adjacent ecosystems.